Friday, 11 July 2014

An appeal for help/funds: Embu Don Bosco Secondary School

Dear Kenya friends,

I am forwarding the proposal of the Don Bosco Fathers whom we met during our visit to Embu.

Damian John Formosa is a Maltese student going for his last year in theology and who has been in Kenya for many years. During our visit we went to this vocational school that he is asking for help. Essentially the Salesians are planning to expand the vocational school they have already to accommodate more students. They will carry the work themselves.

Those of you who went to this college knows that it is quite big and houses thousand of Kenyan students. A look at the attachments you'll find all the details of this project.

This is an appeal for help as educating students is the real answer for the future of Kenya.

Fr Maina is following our water purification project that our engineers built while we were there.

I intend to go to Kenya for ten days to follow up the work and to plan other projects with the Bishop. I would like to visit the Seminary as there will be the future religious leaders of Kenya.

Training the trainers would be the new thrust we want to follow in our future projects.

Once we have trained leaders on the spot we can have a reasonable guarantee that work will be done and completed.

I am sure that one thing we learned from our Mission is that unless the local people are motivated and have the know-how all projects started will remain the same. It's when we train the locals that there would be greater chance that the work will continue even when we leave.

As you know our dear Bishop Paul, whom we all met, is ready to accommodate us to further our projects. The Orphanage which we have begun had to stop as they don't have enough funds. It is our commitment to continue the work begun.

Those who can help: can you please contact me asap as we have to plan the short visit to Kenya together. My idea is to go a very small group to do specific work in a specific place. That will help us to do ten days intensive work on the spot without wasting time in travelling etc.

Probable dates will be the first week of September before the rainy season.

On behalf of the Orphans, the children and youths,  our Beloved Bishop Paul, the very dear Sr Florence and the wonderful priests we met I encourage you to continue the work we started.

Please contact me either by email or sms or mobile 7999 14 59 .


Monday, 26 August 2013

An update from Kenya - Settling down and fervent activity

Sorry for not writing earlier but we had internet problems.

We are now settled in quite location in Sagana. After a  long day of missionary work and a two hour drive, we attend mass followed by dinner.

A short break and the group meets for an evaluation of the days work.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013



This is the first chapter of a Book of Life – my Book of Life. A sort of Journal of a Soul.

Within hours we will be travelling towards Cairo Airport. It’s a transit flight but still scary. I am afraid of the unknown. Not only for me but for the thirty volunteers who will be with me for twenty days in Embu, Kenya.